Congressman Hoyer is strongly committed to public education and believes that in order to have a promising economic future, we must have an educated workforce. However, going forward, he understands that we must also acknowledge our serious fiscal constraints and focus on accountability measures so that investments in education result in higher academic success.


Congressman Hoyer believes strongly in the environmental, economic and national security benefits of reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil and bolstering our clean energy economy.  He has supported legislation to improve energy efficiency to save families and businesses money, spur innovation and create good-paying jobs, lessen our reliance on foreign energy, and reduce the carbon pollution that causes global warming.


Congressman Hoyer strongly supports environmental standards that keep our land, air and water clean. He has supported every major environmental bill since he was elected to Congress.  Congressman Hoyer has secured millions of federal dollars to clean up the Chesapeake Bay and the Patuxent, Potomac, Anacostia, and St. Mary's Rivers, and to replenish the oyster population of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.

Equal Pay

Even when working the same hours and similar jobs, women still make only 77 cents for every dollar men make. It's unfair to women-and it's unfair to Maryland families, many of which depend on two incomes.

Congressman Steny Hoyer believes in equal pay for equal work, and he's fighting to make it a reality. He helped pass legislation that requires companies to pay women the same wages for the same job as men. And he helped pass legislation that makes it easier for women to stand up to pay discrimination.

Health Care

For Congressman Hoyer, reform was about giving American families and small businesses -- not insurance companies -- control over their health care.  For far too long, America’s health insurance system has made health care more costly, less accessible and less efficient for families and small businesses.

Jobs/Economy/Small Business

As we continue to rebuild and grow our economy, Congressman Steny Hoyer understands that we have to stay focused on job creation, support for our small businesses, and invest in the future. That's why he's taking the lead on the Make It In America plan, which will create jobs by reinvigorating American manufacturing and encouraging businesses to expand, innovate, and make products here at home. When more products are made in America, more families will be able to Make It In America.


Restoring fiscal responsibility is one of Congressman Hoyer's top priorities, and he is focused on addressing our nation's fiscal challenges in a responsible way. For over a year, he has been calling on Congress to replace the across-the-board, untargeted spending cuts known as sequestration because he believes the process of cutting our highest and lowest priorities equally is the wrong approach to deficit reduction.


Addressing the Fifth Congressional District’s transportation needs is important to local communities, and it is a priority for Congressman Hoyer.  The Fifth District is one of the fastest growing areas in the State of Maryland.  Congressman Hoyer has worked very closely with state and local officials to ensure that our transportation infrastructure is prepared to meet the needs of Fifth District residents, businesses, and Federal facilities.


Every day, we benefit from the freedoms we share as Americans-freedoms that our veterans put their lives on the line to protect. Congressman Steny Hoyer believes in honoring the service of these brave men and women and in keeping faith with them when they return home. Our veterans deserve the top-notch health care and opportunities for education they've earned.