Congressman Hoyer is strongly committed to public education and believes that in order to have a promising economic future, we must have an educated workforce. However, going forward, he understands that we must also acknowledge our serious fiscal constraints and focus on accountability measures so that investments in education result in higher academic success.

Most recently, Congressman Hoyer helped prevent 160,000 educator layoffs across our nation, including 2,500 in Maryland, which would have crowded our classrooms and harmed the quality of our kids’ education. Congressman Hoyer also helped to enact the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act, which made critical investments in higher education by significantly increasing funding for Pell Grants, making loan repayment more affordable by expanding the Income Based Repayment program, and providing $2 billion to strengthen our community colleges.

Congressman Hoyer is also the sponsor of the Full-Service Community Schools Act, modeled after the highly successful Judy Centers throughout Maryland, which would encourage schools to coordinate educational and social service programs through collaborative partnerships with school districts and community-based organizations.  By placing services under one roof, Congressman Hoyer believes schools can more effectively and efficiently provide families with access to supports they might not easily have otherwise.

Finally, he has supported important investments in education for disadvantaged students and students with disabilities, provided additional funds for teacher professional development and increased Pell Grant award amounts for needy students pursuing higher education.