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Hoyer Attends Prince George's County Ploughman and Fisherman Unity Dinner


 UPPER MARLBORO, MD – Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-5) delivered brief remarks last night at the annual Prince George’s County Ploughman and Fisherman Unity Dinner in Upper Marlboro, Maryland hosted by the Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee. 

“I was honored to join fellow Democrats in Prince George's County last night," stated Congressman Steny Hoyer. "Next year is going to be a banner year for our party in Maryland and across the country. Democrats are ready to lead by retaking the House and Senate – including by electing a Democratic successor to Senator Barbara Mikulski – so that Congress can invest in jobs and opportunities for Americans, not stand in their way.”

“Prince George's County will be, once again, critical to this effort,” continued Congressman Hoyer. “As home to one of every five registered Democrats in Maryland, voter turnout and voter excitement here in Prince George's County will be pivotal to painting our state a deep blue next November. There are several important reasons why Democratic voters in Prince George's County should be feeling very motivated to get involved early and stay involved throughout the campaign season, including ensuring we’re not turning the clock back on eight years of progress under President Obama. I hope Prince George's County Democrats will join me in fighting hard for victory in 2016, to carry our Senate nominee across the finish line and to keep the Fourth Congressional District in the Democratic column.”

The Prince George's County Central Committee’s guest honorees were David Harrington, president and CEO of the Prince George's County Chamber of Commerce; Joslyn Williams, president of the Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO; and Mary Davis, former member of the Central Committee.