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Criminal Justice Reform

Congressman Hoyer knows that far too often our justice system falls short on fairness. He worked with his colleagues in the Congressional Black Caucus and across the aisle to pass bipartisan legislation to expand funding for state and federal prisoner reentry programs, including services to give inmates the educational, mental health, and drug rehabilitation supports that they need.

Congressman Hoyer was pleased to vote for the bipartisan First Step Act, which was signed into law in December 2018. The important legislation addressed some of the breakdowns in our criminal justice system, including directing the Bureau of Prisons to focus on reducing recidivism and making it easier for nonviolent inmates to get out of prison and re-enter society successfully. The law is an important step toward achieving a more fair criminal justice system, but more must be done to address the persistent disparities that minority communities face.

Congressman Hoyer supports legislation to prioritize programming and procedures that limit the risk of recidivism so that when inmates return home, they can return to society and succeed. He supports limiting our mandatory minimums that have disproportionately harmed minority and poor communities, as well as reforms that place inmates in locations where their families can have better access to them, while allowing the elderly or terminally ill to spend their final days with family on home confinement rather than in a cell.