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Democrats honor Hoyer with Goldstein Award at annual dinner

Southern Maryland News By AMANDA HARRISON Staff writer  About 450 Calvert County and Maryland Democrats gathered to honor the longest-serving member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Maryland at the 15th annual Louis L. Goldstein Dinner. U.S. House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md. 5th) received the Calvert County Democratic Central Committee’s Louis L. Goldstein Award for echoing the qualities of Goldstein a former Maryland comptroller and state senator representing Calvert County who died in 1998. “I am honored to be honored in the name of Louis Goldstein ” Hoyer 73 said. “Being honored in Louie’s name who was one of the finest Democrats any of us have ever met. He was a Democrat to the core. He believed in its values but notwithstanding that he was willing to work with everybody. Very frankly we need more Republicans and Democrats like Louie Goldstein in the Congress of the United States and in our country. Our country is in gridlock and it’s hurting our economy; it’s hurting our people; it’s undermining the confidence not only of our people here but around the world and I regret that we don’t have more Louie Goldsteins blessing everybody and reaching out and including in.” Hoyer began his political career when he won a seat in the Maryland Senate at the age of 27. In 1975 he was elected president of the Senate making him the youngest ever in state history. He was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1981 and became the longest-serving member from Maryland in 2007. Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown (D) presented Hoyer with a citation from Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) celebrating Hoyer receiving the Goldstein Award. “Steny you’re real exemplary serving ” Brown said. “The work you have done for decades on behalf of Maryland on behalf of the United States is just nothing less than outstanding.” Attorney General Doug Gansler (D) joked that Hoyer “shows up if there’s a garage door opening — he’s there and he gives a little spiel too while he’s there too.” He said that although he’s a national figure he “never forgets where he comes from” and it can be seen in his work and commitment to Southern Maryland. Peter Franchot (D) state comptroller said that to him Hoyer represents “the center; he represents good solid Maryland values; he never has forgotten where he comes from; he’s always back here; and I’m just thankful we have America’s congressman in our ranks.” One of Hoyer’s best friends Margaret Phipps the register of wills for Calvert County presented Hoyer with the Goldstein Award. Phipps said she first met Hoyer in 1978 at a barbecue in the county and could tell he had a “genuine concern for the people.” She said that since then “he has proven himself to be true to all of us. I don’t really know what we would have done in Southern Maryland without Steny. Think about what we have here in our three counties even in Prince George’s [County].” Hoyer thanked everyone in the room saying he feels honored to be a friend of those in attendance “who have made it possible for me to have the great honor of serving not only Calvert County but Southern Maryland our state and our nation and the Congress of the United States for the last 32 years. “I am honored that you would mention me in the same breath with my friend yes and my mentor and trainer from whom I learned so very much not only about politics ... but in the values that it means to all of us to be Democrats to be Americans to work hard for all those people. “‘God blessed us real good’ by giving us Louie Goldstein ” Hoyer continued referencing a Goldstein saying known well to Calvert residents. “God has blessed me with all of you.” Other award recipients included Dan Pike as volunteer of the year Eloise Evans and Pamela Cousins as Community Service Award recipients and Kelly McConkey and Duwane Rager as the Chairman’s Award recipients.