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Hoyer Visits St. Mary’s Manufacturing Firm

Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-5th,Md.) toured the offices of Coherent Technical Services on Tuesday morning to talk with workers about technology and products made in America. The event was part of Hoyer’s efforts to drum up support for a nationwide Make It In America plan, which puts an emphasis on innovation and job creation.

“We’ve forgotten how critically important manufacturing is to our country,” Hoyer said. He visited CTSi to meet shop workers and hear a briefing about the company’s past and emerging innovations. Hoyer chatted with a welder, a profession he said is good for young people to consider when they want a lucrative income, without having to earn an advanced degree or work a desk job.

Hoyer’s emphasis on manufacturing and bringing more fabrication work to Southern Maryland is exactly what CTSi is focused on, said Carrie Willmore, director of operations. “We’re looking to expand,” she said of the manufacturing facility on Three Notch Road, as well as looking to acquire another building to do similar work.

CTSi’s managing director, Tom Sanders, briefed Hoyer on several projects, including a sound-based system that helps users locate life in the desert, products that help train rats to sniff out mines, and technology for aircraft development and testing.

“I thought it was wonderful,” Willmore said of Hoyer’s visit. “There are other facilities that are similar to ours in St. Mary’s County. We really felt pretty special with him having our place be a stop for him to come and visit today.”