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Md. Gov. candidate Wes Moore gets big endorsement from House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer


Twenty-term, 5th district congressman and U.S. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer threw his support behind author and businessman Wes Moore in the July 19 Maryland gubernatorial primary Friday. 

“Today I am letting all of those who have supported me for so long who believe my insight may have some worth,” said Hoyer, “I am endorsing Wes Moore for Governor of the state of Maryland.”

At an event at the Bowie State University MARC station Hoyer praising Moore’s leadership abilities and vision for the state. 

Hoyer also addressing the allegations that as Moore promoted his bestselling book “The Other Wes Moore” a decade ago, he sat by as interviewers incorrectly said he was born in Baltimore and that he’d earned a bronze star in combat while in the army. 

 “I asked Wes about that. I am absolutely convinced that Wes has told the truth about all of these matters that continue to be raised Wes Moore has a combat ribbon showing that he was the point of the spear with the 82nd airborne, fighting for our freedoms," he said. 

Moore himself calling it political desperation to highlight “a couple of interviews” out of hundreds he’s given where he didn’t correct an interviewer stating a falsehood. 

He claims he has never embellished his own bio.

“Everything I’ve ever said about my service and written about my service I stand by and I’m proud of,” said Moore, “And I’m proud of the work we did overseas and I’m proud of the fact that I’m decorated combat veteran and I believe I’ve earned that.”

The Moore campaign insisting that none of these reports are slowing them down and in fact they say next Saturday they’ll be announcing another major endorsement.