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Prince George's Democratic Central Committee hosts annual Ploughman and Fisherman Unity Dinner

On May 31, 2014, the Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee adopted the Maryland Democratic Party By-Laws “to assure that they shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner that reflects creditably upon the office that they serve,” as set forth in Article Xi, Code of Ethics.
In addition, the Democratic Central Committee is responsible for working in the interests of others, furthering the purposes and policies of the party, collaborating with other organizations, conducting constituency-outreach and fostering community involvement and empowerment.
As a way of empowering the community and honoring those who support the party’s ideals and principles, the Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee hosted its annual Ploughman and Fisherman Unity Dinner on Oct. 22 at the Martin’s Caterers Camelot in Upper Marlboro.
“It’s been exactly one year and one month since the Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee began its long journey to establish itself as a strong, highly-functioning body of elected and appointed officials,” said Chairwoman Cheryl Landis. “Together, we have defined our state of purpose to educate and empower the Prince George’s County community at large about the critical importance of being informed, actively engaged and significant partners with a shared commitment and goal to support the Maryland Democratic Party.”
Landis said Prince George’s County represents one-quarter of all Democrats in Maryland.
“We clearly understand the significance to the power and the responsibility we have to ourselves, the Maryland Democratic Party and the great people we were elected to serve,” Landis said. “Since 2014, the [Democratic Central Committee] has worked diligently to strengthen its operational foundation. We’ve successfully revised our Constitutional bylaws and standing rules. We’ve established 11 highly-functioning subcommittees complete with performance targets and expected outcomes. … We’ve [also] met with members of the Prince George’s County Democratic Party, our party leaders, so that we could present to them our two-year strategic plan as well as begin dialogue about the future direction of the Democratic Party in [the county].”
For Landis, hosting a unity dinner is more than just celebrating the contributions of the business community and organized labor unions in Prince George’s County; it’s about celebrating the positive relationships that are established through a collaborative effort as well.
“Over the years, the one most important thing that I have learned as a service leader is that if you provide opportunities for people to be engaged and collaborative, then you have opened the doors and begun the process of educating and empowering the very people you seek to serve,” Landis said. “Tonight, the Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee, we take yet another step in our goal of inclusion for all Marylanders by bringing together our labor leaders, our business leaders [and] our elected and appointed officials. … As we celebrate and honor the outstanding contributions of the business community and organized labor, let us be ever so mindful of the long journey ahead of us. ... [You can be] rest assured that the [county] Democratic Central Committee is strategically preparing itself to be aggressively engaged on a grassroots level.”
Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce President and CEO David Harrington said unity is the vehicle that will get everyone to the same destination.
“When we find the core issues and core values that unite us, we can change the world,” Harrington said. “The business community is with you in establishing a platform in Prince George’s County. … In unity there is strength and so let us not be divided.”
In addition to changing the world, U.S. Rep. Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md., 5th) said the Democratic Party will provide a strong platform for the American people by working together in unity.
“That’s what the Democratic Party is about — working people,” Hoyer said. “I know and we Democrats know that if you want to be for working people, you’ve got to be for job creators as well. … They want their board of directors to work. They want it to be a functioning body [and] want to have a leadership that is not deeply divided and dysfunctional. … That is why we need to be fired up because America is not doing as well as it could be. … Our message to the American people is we’re in this together.”