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Educators Endorse Congressman Hoyer for Congress in the Fifth Congressional District

FIFTH DISTRICT MD – Congressman Steny H. Hoyer was endorsed for Congress in the Fifth Congressional District by several organizations representing educators including the National Education Association the Maryland State Education Association the Prince George’s County Educators’ Association and the American Federation of Teachers. “Thanks to our dedicated educators Maryland is home to the best schools in the nation ” stated Congressman Hoyer. “I’m committed to high-equality education for our students and ensuring our educators have the resources they need in our schools. That’s why I successfully fought Republican efforts to double student loan interest rates and why I've made investments in education a priority in the Make It In America jobs plan. I’m honored to have our educators’ support this election and look forward to continue working with them to ensure our students have the education and skills needed to make it in America and right here in Maryland.” “The Maryland State Education Association – which recommended your candidacy – and the NEA Fund applaud your commitment to public education and children ” stated Dennis Van Roekel Chairperson of the National Education Association. “The NEA Fund will recommend your candidacy to the 10 419 NEA members residing in your Congressional District and will urge them to play a leadership role in helping you achieve victory. The NEA Fund and MSEA are proud to support the election of federal candidates like you who measure up on the issues that most concern our members.”  “It is my great pleasure to inform you that the Representative Council of the Prince George’s County Educators’ Association voted overwhelmingly in favor of endorsing you ” stated Kenneth B. Haines President of Prince George’s County Educators’ Association.  “You have earned our endorsement because of your unwavering support for the issues that our members and the communities they serve ” stated John Ost Director of the Political Department for the American Federation of Teachers. “In the current session of Congress you lead the fight to preserve the Affordable Care Act which will reduce the number of uninsured Americans while reducing the costs of health care. In addition we appreciate your efforts to prevent automatic budget cuts that will cost jobs for the middle class cut education for our children and deepen economic insecurity. These are but a few examples of your longstanding commitment to strengthening our economy and the future of our nation.”  ###    Education