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Hoyer: This Election Will Be Over When All the Results Are Accurately Counted and Certified

BOWIE, MD - Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-05) released the following statement today on the 2020 election:
"This election will be over when all the results are accurately counted and certified. I remain confident that when all the votes are counted, Joe Biden will be named the next President of the United States.  I urge all Americans to be patient as state and local election officials do their jobs and ensure that every ballot is counted, as our Constitution and our laws demand.  President Trump has already falsely tried to claim premature victory, and I have no doubt that he will use every trick in the book to discourage the counting of legitimate votes and question the accuracy of official results.  We must not allow him to undermine our democracy.  

"What we do know is that, once again, Americans have entrusted Democrats with a majority in the House of Representatives.  Regardless of the final outcomes in the White House and Senate races, House Democrats will continue to pursue policies For the People, as we have done over the past two years.

"As we await the final results, let us be proud of the turnout in this election, which is a strong sign for our democracy and a repudiation of those who would wish to discourage Americans from participating in it.  Let us resolve as well to work together once this election is over so that we can effectively confront the challenges facing our nation."