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Hoyer Endorsed by Key Public Sector Labor Organizations

BOWIE, MD -- Today, Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-05) proudly accepted the endorsements of three major public sector labor organizations - the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME); the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU); and the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE). Together, they represent more than 2 million American workers, including thousands in Maryland, who work in public service. Included are many of the 62,000 federal employees who live in Maryland's Fifth District. Congressman Hoyer has been fighting for them and their families for years, leading on many key workers' rights and federal employee initiatives, including securing paid family leave this year, raises, and protections for collective bargaining. Congressman Hoyer is running for re-election in the Democratic primary on June 2. 
"I will never stop working hard for those who dedicate their careers to serving the American people and our state of Maryland," Congressman Hoyer said.  "I've been proud to work closely with AFSCME, NTEU, and AFGE for years, and I am honored by their endorsements. It is critical that we keep fighting for better pay, stronger benefits, and access to opportunities for all Maryland workers, and protecting the right to organize and bargain collectively is central to that effort. I was proud to lead the fight to secure 12 weeks of paid parental leave for federal employees while also securing the largest pay raise in a decade. I look forward to continuing to lend my voice in Congress and in the Democratic leadership to Maryland public sector workers, who play a major role in keeping our state and our country safe, promoting healthier communities, and making it possible for our people to reach for the American Dream. Particularly during a time of crisis like this one, we rely on our public sector employees to take the lead and serve on the front lines of our national response."

“Through thick and thin, Steny Hoyer has proven himself to be a true friend to AFSCME, union members and all working people," said Lee Saunders, President of AFSCME.  "He shares our values and stands in our corner. He understands the contributions public service workers make to sustaining strong communities, and he fights for our voice on the job and our seat at the table. Right now, in the middle of the worst public health and economic crisis of our lifetimes, he is leading the way to secure the state and local aid we need to stay on the job and defeat this pandemic. Decade after decade, he has stood with us, and we stand with him. Without hesitation, AFSCME is proud to endorse House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer's reelection for another term as the representative from Maryland's 5th District."

"I am pleased to inform you that the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU), representing approximately 150,000 federal workers in 33 government agencies, endorses your campaign for election to the 117th U.S. Congress," said Anthony M. Reardon, President of NTEU in a letter to Congressman Hoyer. "As the nation faces a national crisis and a global pandemic, you have continued to show your commitment to workers by leading the way on critical issues like workplace health and safety for federal employees and the American public. Throughout your career you have fought with us to ensure that federal employees are treated with dignity and respect and that the federal government is a model employer that provides competitive pay and benefits. More recently, you stood with us during the longest government shutdown in history and against the administration’s unlawful Executive Orders that continue to threaten our union rights and for that, we are grateful. And due in no small part to your leadership, federal employees received the largest pay increase in a decade this year and those who are soon to become parents can rest easy knowing that they will have paid parental leave." 
“Representative Hoyer has proudly supported federal and D.C. government workers throughout his 20 terms in Congress,” said Everett Kelley, President, AFGE. “Congressman Hoyer has always had our backs, never more so than during times of national crisis. During the historic 35-day government shutdown that ended in January 2019, Rep. Hoyer backed legislation to ensure workers received all the backpay and benefits they were owed. And now as we face the COVID-19 pandemic, Congressman Hoyer has fought to support our front-line government workers by providing them with protective equipment, hazard duty pay, and leave allowances so they can care for themselves and their families during this difficult time.”
Throughout his tenure representing Maryland's Fifth District - and earlier, when he served in the Maryland State Senate - Congressman Hoyer has built an impressive record defending organized labor and public sector employees. He has worked tirelessly to expand access to opportunities like affordable health care, higher education and skills training, homeownership and affordable rental housing, as well as a secure retirement for seniors. He has also been a leader in the effort to defend against the Trump Administration's moves to undo the hard-won victories of the workers' rights movement and its denigration of federal employees and their contributions to our nation.  
The primary election for Maryland's Fifth Congressional District will take place on Tuesday, June 2, and ballots will be cast primarily by mail. Every registered voter will receive a ballot by mail from the state's Board of Elections, and they must be completed and returned with a postmark no later than June 2 to be counted. No postage is necessary to return a completed ballot by mail. 
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