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Hoyer Hosts Alliances from Joint Base Andrews Indian Head Naval Surface Warfare Center and Patuxent River Naval Air Station

WASHINGTON DC – Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-5) hosted community leaders and representatives of the three local community groups established to advocate on behalf of Joint Base Andrews Indian Head Naval Surface Warfare Center and Patuxent River Naval Air Station for a day in Washington to meet with officials from the United States Navy and the Department of Defense.  The group was given the opportunity to engage in discussions with Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus Assistant Secretary of Defense for Installations and the Environment Dr. Dorothy Robyn Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy Installations and Environment Jackalyne Pfannenstiel and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Developmental Test and Evaluation Edward Greer.  “I want to thank the three alliances representing Joint Base Andrews Indian Head Naval Surface Warfare Center and the Patuxent River Naval Air Station for coming together today to discuss issues that impact our military community ” stated Congressman Hoyer. “Today’s meeting comes at a time of great uncertainty especially with regard to funding for the Pentagon budget. With the threat of sequestration it is increasingly important that we are able to discuss the next steps for ensuring that our military has every resource it needs to support our national security efforts both at home and abroad. I want to commend these community leaders for their commitment to our military through their support of these very critical installations. Without their partnership outside the gate the mission of all our men and women in uniform would become much more difficult.” One of the most pressing issues discussed during today’s event was the impact that sequestration would have on the Pentagon budget and our national security as a whole. The main concern was the failure of the Joint Select Committee to put forward a plan for deficit reduction and there was broad agreement that across-the-board reductions that may take place in 2013 would have serious consequences to our nation. Congressman Hoyer continues to work with the Administration and Members of Congress to urge a plan for deficit reduction rather than allowing sequestration to take effect. In his remarks Congressman Hoyer also recognized that this year marks the 100th anniversary of naval aviation: “All three of the facilities represented here today touch naval aviation.  Pax River is now the center for naval aviation with the NAVAIR systems command headquarters located there – the premier center for buying researching testing and developing naval aircraft. Andrews while well known for the important role it plays in supporting the Air Force for executive transport houses a Navy component which plays a vital role in supporting our national security. Finally Indian Head plays an important role in ensuring the safety of every military pilot flying in combat today. I am proud of the very significant roles this region has played in naval aviation and the role these alliances outside the gate play which are crucial to their success. Defense and Veterans