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Hoyer Meets with Prince George’s County Advisory Committee on Aging to Discuss the Affordable Care Act

GREENBELT MD – Today Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-5) met with the Prince George’s County Advisory Committee on Aging to discuss how seniors are benefitting from the Affordable Care Act as well as other important issues concerning seniors in Maryland. “I’d like to thank the Advisory Committee on Aging for providing input on health care reform and efforts in Congress to help seniors afford the quality of life in retirement they deserve ” stated Congressman Hoyer.“Thanks to the Affordable Care Act seniors in Maryland and across the country are benefitting from lower health care costs free preventive services and savings on their prescription drugs. The law also reduces the deficit in the short term bends the health care cost curve over the long-term extends the solvency of the Medicare trust fund and slows consumer costs.” “I’m committed to strengthening Medicare and ensuring seniors have access to quality affordable health care ”continued Congressman Hoyer. “I will continue to oppose efforts to end the Medicare guarantee and raise health care costs for seniors and I remain focused on ensuring quality care today and on laying the groundwork so the next generation does not to have to worry about being able to access or afford the care they need.”   This year alone over 15 000 seniors in Maryland have saved an average of $652 on their prescription drugs. In all seniors across the country have saved $3.9 billion on their prescription drugs since the Affordable Care Act came into effect. Additionally over 900 000 Medicare beneficiaries in Maryland received free preventive services or a free annual wellness visit with their doctor since the law was enacted. Clickhere for more information on how Maryland residents are benefitting from the Affordable Care Act.   Health Care