Press Releases

Hoyer Statement Following the First Presidential Debate

BOWIE, MD - Congressman Steny H. Hoyer released the following statement after the first Presidential debate:
"Tonight, as he has done all his life, Joe Biden showed respect and seriousness of purpose as he responded to the substantive questions that are on the minds of American voters.  In sharp contrast, President Trump showed voters the disrespect he has for America's democratic processes and traditions and did what he has done throughout his presidency: treat a serious enterprise as a reality show.  His penchant for lying and misstating or ignoring the facts - and consistently misstating his opponent's positions - was on full display.  So were his disturbing answers when confronted about important issues like COVID-19, health care, the economy, climate change, and the hateful divisions he continues to sow. Horrifyingly, rather than reject white supremacists, he encouraged them to 'stand back and stand by.'

"Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are ready to restore the soul and character of our nation by healing divisions and bringing Americans together in the common pursuit of a stronger, more just, and more prosperous future.  Tonight, Americans were left with no doubt about Joe Biden's ability to lead and the necessity of bringing Donald Trump's dangerous, disastrous, and deadly presidency to an end."