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Hoyer Statement on Joe Biden's Speech in Pittsburgh

BOWIE, MD - Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-05) released the following statement today on Vice President Joe Biden's speech in Pittsburgh:

“Today in Pittsburgh, Joe Biden made a strong argument that Democrats are against violence - it is not productive, and it only begets more violence. He made clear that those who commit violence are committing crimes and will be held accountable. He also made a convincing case that Americans will not be safe under four more years of Donald Trump. He has encouraged violence, baiting armed supporters into picking fights with opponents in America's streets. He has used force against peaceful protestors. He refuses even to recognize the problem of systemic racism that has led to the killing of unarmed African Americans. He continues to divide us as he spreads cynicism and fear. Donald Trump can shout ‘law and order’ as much as he wants, but he is a president who neither respects law nor promotes order.

“Donald Trump is a president who makes our challenges harder to meet, not easier. His presidency has been about burning down our democratic institutions, not harnessing them to build a future worthy of our people. We have endured four years of insecurity and uncertainty, and it is time to restore safety, sanity, and a sense of common purpose by electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Under their leadership, we can meet the crises of this moment to build back better, build back stronger, and build back safer - where all Americans, no matter their race, religion, gender, or country of origin, can fully enjoy the unalienable rights promised by our Founders: 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.'”