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Hoyer Statement on June Jobs Report

WASHINGTON DC – Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-5) released the following statement today after the Department of Labor released its jobs report for June: “With the private sector continuing to create jobs for the twenty-eighth consecutive month our economic recovery continues to push forward.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report released this morning private businesses added 84 000 jobs in June.  However this is still fewer jobs than we have recently seen created each month and it is nowhere near where we need to be if we are to ensure quality well paying jobs for all Americans who seek them. “Next week instead of working on legislation to create jobs and grow our economy Republicans’ misguided priorities will be on full display as they pursue yet another fruitless vote to repeal the cost-saving health reform law enacted in 2010.  Their do-nothing approach to jobs which favors confrontation over compromise has placed a stumbling block in front of businesses desperate for Congress to restore an environment of certainty.  For two years Democrats have been promoting a comprehensive jobs plan called Make It In America that will provide them with the certainty they need to invest expand and create millions of jobs yet this Republican-controlled House refuses to act on it.  I continue to call on them to turn their attention to finding solutions to the challenges that matter to the American people – by working with Democrats to pass Make It In America legislation that will help more of our businesses create jobs for the middle class.”    Jobs/Economy/Small Business