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Hoyer Unveils New App to Ensure All Americans Are Aware of Their Voting Rights

WASHINGTON DC – Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-5) released the following statement after launching a new interactive online voting rights app he developed along with House Administration Committee Ranking Member Rep. Robert Brady (PA).  The app offers state-specific data for all 50 states and six U.S. territories and includes information on voter registration new voting requirements and early voting. “Recently attacks on voters' rights in states across the country have threatened one of our most sacred constitutional rights – the ability for citizens to cast a ballot and make their voice heard. I am disheartened by these attempts to limit this right which generations of Americans have fought to secure. “That’s why I joined with Congressman Brady to create this voting rights app. By providing Americans with the most up-to-date information on registration and voting requirements Americans can properly exercise their most fundamental right. This technology will help people across the country be active informed and empowered to fight against voter intimidation and deception. “I’m pleased by the steps we’ve taken in Maryland to ensure students seniors military personnel and those with disabilities have the opportunity to register and vote. While our voting system makes access to the ballot box a priority I’m hopeful that this app will help ensure all eligible voters in Maryland can cast their ballots and have those votes counted in November. “I will continue to work with my Democratic colleagues to fight efforts that threaten the right to vote and ensure that all Americans have access to the information and resources they need to be active participants in our country's political process.” Please click here to access the online app.  Members of the public and Members of Congress have the ability to share the app through social media and by embedding the app on web pages.