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Hoyer Wins Democratic Nomination in Maryland's Fifth Congressional District

BOWIE, MD - Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-05) released the following statement after winning the Democratic nomination for Maryland's Fifth Congressional District:
"I am honored that Democrats in Maryland’s Fifth Congressional District have once again selected me to be their nominee, and I thank all those who worked hard to ensure that voters in Maryland could cast their ballots and have them counted amid the unprecedented circumstances of this pandemic. I will continue to fight every day for the values of our party and our District, for equality, justice, and opportunity for all.

"As our nation faces multiple crises, Democrats and all Americans must come together and fight for our vision for this nation. It is a vision where we are stronger together and where our greatness is reflected in our diversity. It is a vision where all can make it in America, regardless of background. And it is a vision of a nation where one's race, gender, faith, or national origin does not limit what one can achieve or raise stumbling blocks to success.

"We grieve those we have lost to COVID-19, and we grieve those we have lost to racism and injustice. Our grief gives us strength to rise to the challenges that confront us, and we are determined to build a more perfect union. To all who are in deep pain right now: I see you, I hear you, and I stand with you as we work to ensure that the promise of America is the reality of America. So too are we inspired by those working every day on the front-lines of our health care system and by all the essential workers who have kept our economy running as we confront this pandemic, and I will continue to work to ensure we are keeping the faith with them.

"I will continue fighting for Marylanders each and every day, and I will keep listening to constituents in order to be the most effective voice as possible for the Fifth District in Congress. I want to recognize the effort put forward by Mckayla Wilkes in this campaign. Participation in our democracy is crucial, and anyone who puts in the work to run for office and advocate for their beliefs is to be commended.

"Together we will continue to work toward universal access to health care, effective criminal justice reform, stronger protections for our environment, a robust defense of the rights of workers and organized labor, reproductive freedom, and greater equality for LGBTQ Americans, among others. There is much work ahead, and I am honored that the voters have once again placed their faith in me as we engage in that work together."